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What is M.A.C.E -SMC

Contact information includes both M.A.C.E
and emergency contacts.

PO Box 1277 Hervey Bay Qld 4655.

President:Marvel 0418787211


Vice P:

Guardian:    Cutter

Secretary: Chewy 0415266325


Ride Cpt:        Barra 0474934875




Emergency Contacts



M.A.C.E Wide Bay Chapter began in early 2015.  M.A.C.E (Motorcyclists Advocating Child Empowerment) is a Social Motorcycle Club that exists to empower children who have suffered emotional, physical and sexual trauma resulting from an abusive relationship.

We support these children by "adopting" the child into our club, making them a part of a larger family. Through their journey to recovery we strive for each child that we support to begin to feel safe again in the world in which they live.

Our members volunteer their time to help abused children and families who have broken free from abusive relationships to begin to move forward, from being a victim of abuse, to being a survivor.

We offer our time to provide a supportive, strong and nurturing presence when our little wounded friends need it most (e.g. Escort to and from court, school and kinder. Additional support at police interview and court hearings and being taken out into the community in order to build up confidence and self esteem).  By making the child feel as though they are a part of the MACE family they are exposed to positive
interactions and experiences which allows the child to feel worthy of friendship, feel safer in their community, and help to build confidence and show the child that the world is not out to harm them.

MACE also work alongside other agencies, law enforcement, counsellors and community service organisations who assist in the healing, protection and empowerment process of young people who have been abused.

Reporting abuse in Queensland.
Meeting the needs of children and making sure they are safe in the family is a shared responsibility between individuals, the family, the community and the government. When adults caring for children do not follow through with their responsibilities, are abusive or exploit their positions of power, then it is the child protection system that becomes responsible for taking action